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AE85 to an AE86???
Day 2

Much prgress was made on Day 2. As the motor, tranny, driveshaft, and the rear differential came out.

Motor, tranny, and rear diff.

Don't they looking tight??? I'm talking about the car parts.

Driveshaft and Rear Differential

Thanks to George, he unhook the brake cable and we were able to drop the diff. Dropping the diff took us about an hour, and driveshaft came down after 10 minutes.


Coolant Leaking!!!

We couldn't stop the coolant from leaking out of the block. Daidae suggested to slap some condoms (which he spotted in Martin's wrecked AE86) over the inlet/outlet pipe. Of course, Martin denies it was his to begin with...and claims he never uses them...Hmmm....

My question is: How can you wear a helmet for racing, but not for the other thing??? SAFETY FIRST!!!


Motor is out

It did take much to get the motor out. 30 minutes into it and it was out.


George is going through the final inspection. He's the real mechanic among the group. Martin and Daidae's mechanical skills are just for hobby fun.


AE86 Brake System

We decided that these 2 pieces will have to be swap over to the AE85 as well, as recommended by Tony@SpeeDees.



FLASH UPDATE: It's day 2 and our ghetto lights still works!