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AE85 to an AE86???
Day 1

Here's what we have done so far on Day 1.

Engine bay

Here's a good look of what needs to be removed. Pretty much every f*cking thing needs to be removed!!!

Ghetto Shoplight

Martin didn't have a protector on his shoplight, and I was too lazy to drive 5 blocks to my parents house to pick up a better shoplight, we decided to build our own protector.
We will post the DIY protector at the end of the this site as well. So just look out for it.

A mature couple; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Bumper Removed!

The front and rear bumpers were also removed.


Engine Bay

So now the hood, battery, tower bar, and radiator is out. Looks alot more cleaner now. All fluids were then drained, and disposed to a near by city water gutter. J/K

AE86 Interior

Pretty much all the of the interior, wiring, gauges, ecu, and etc was removed during the day by Martin.